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About Me


My name is Emma Olmedo and I'm the owner and lead designer of Floriography. I've always been the "creative girl". In elementary school I would memorize my spelling words by painting them and you'd constantly find me sneaking off to do some kind of craft instead of the school work waiting for me. Fast forward to the present and you'll still find me creating in my ultimate passion which is floral design!

In 2013, I began my designing journey. I learned the in's and out's of every day arrangements and mastered the craft of boutonniere's and corsages. Then I discovered the wonder that is designing wedding flowers! I have become a full time designer- previously working for some of the most prestigious wedding floral companies in the KC metro as well as winning multiple floral design competitions. You can find my work published in The Kansas City Fashion Collaborative's Magazine, The Perfect Wedding Guide, EA Bride Magazine and on many online wedding inspiration blogs.

In January of 2019, Floriography was born. So many couples have entrusted me to take part in their special day and I never take that lightly! To be able to design the bouquet that a bride will carry down the aisle to meet her groom or the flowers on the arbor they stand underneath as they pledge their futures to each other is such a high honor. Every wedding I design is special to me and my goal is to not only create something beautiful that wedding guests will rave about for years to come, but to add in sentimental touches that make each and every wedding as unique as the couples themselves.


Let's get personal

Family is such a big part of my life and I'm grateful every day that I'm surrounded by those I love. I'm a momma to my beautiful 5 year old girl, Rosie, and I am so fortunate that my job allows me to be close to her and my home. Thanks to my wonderful clients, I am able to peruse my dreams while showing my daughter that hard work, determination and kindness pays off. I can only credit my success to the Lord for gifting me with the talents that I have!


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